It's War

It was the day of the climax. Vikrant hoped that at least things will be cleared, and he can concentrate on the new phase of his life. They did not change their routine. Vikrant accompanied Krittika, and once she boarded the bus, he went on to the other side of the road. He could easily narrate the stalker's routine. The stalker's gaze was fixed on the balcony. Kids were playing nicely there.

Vikrant's friend was standing at a comfortable distance to take charge in case the situation goes out of control. Detectives, dressed in plain clothes arrived. One stood next to Vikrant, and the other stood next to the stalker. Stalker's daily gazing was finished, and he was about to board the car. Detectives came in action, they circled the stalker and showed the ID cards. ID Cards presented them as police officers. One of them quietly whispered in his ears " Let's not make a scene here. We will board the car with you. We do not intend to do any harm to you. We just need some information. We are three people. Two will sit with you in the back seat, and one of our allies will sit in the front. Pls instruct, your driver, to unlock all the doors."

Stalker understood that fighting with these guys here will not be of any use, and he followed the instructions.

Task one Completed!

Vikrant was sitting in the front and instructed the driver to follow his instructions. The plan was to go and sit in a cafe and speak to him. Vikrant knew one cafe which did not see much traffic in the morning hours. They reached the cafe. Vikrant's friend was following the car. He was supposed to keep a watch on the driver while three of them drill the stalker. They made this kind of arrangement to ensure that the driver does not call up the "real policemen" or discuss this issue with somebody. The moment Vikrant and detective along with the stalker left for the cafe, Vikrant' s friend sat in the car. Vikrant ordered coffee for all.

"Hello, my name is Vikrant and pls do not panic. We want some information and it will be great if you answer all my questions honestly."

"My wife had sent you, am I right? And you are her boyfriend."

"No. I do not know your wife. It will be my turn to ask you the questions first."

Vikrant opened his cell phone and clicked on Krittika's photo.

"Do you know this girl?"

"No, I do not know her."

"See the picture clearly. You stand exactly opposite to the bus stop from where this girl boards the bus. You constantly stare at this girl. Moreover, when the bus reaches the destination, you are again near her office. I want to know why re you chasing her and what is your motive."

"I do not know what you are talking about."

"Ok. Let me make it simple. Don't you go every day to Tower No 26 at 9.00 am ?"

"Yes, I go."

"Are you not stalking this girl."

"What nonsense are you talking about? I am a respectable man and a CEO of a firm. I will sue you guys."

The man got miffed up and stood up in anger. The detectives signalled him to sit down so as not to draw attention from few people who were sitting there.

"I think there is something which we need clarification. Why do you keep looking at that balcony which is behind Model Colony bus stop ?"

"I know my wife has sent you, and I do not understand the motive. Does she have a problem if I see my children and mother from a distance?"

Hmmm, Vikrant knew that there was something else to this story.

"If you are a respectable person and a CEO, why have you dressed up as a stalker. Does your wife works at Tower 26 ?"

"I dress up like this so that my wife, children and my mother should not notice me. She does not allow me to meet my children so my only respite is to see them from a distance. I tried to meet her and sort things, but she did not entertain me. She is planning to file for divorce and be the custodian of my children."

"What did you do which prompted this reaction from her side."

Vikrant was surprised to see him break down. He was sobbing and covered his face. Vikrant offered him some water. He took few minutes to come back to normalcy.

"Like any normal couple, we too had differences. I had started hating my wife and because of our hectic life we were not able to spend time with each other. The growing distance took us further apart, and lack of communication worsened the situation. I was always angry with my wife and blamed her for everything. I failed to see that she is performing double shifts; one at the office and one at home. She tried to sort things, but the discussions always ended with heated arguments. I was always angry and after a while, she gave up on me. At one party, I went overdose with the alcohol and had a one-night stand. I was guilty of doing this, and before I could tell my wife about this, she came to know about it. The party had our common friends, and they saw me going with the girl. She just asked me if this was true. I confessed. There were no arguments, no discussions and she told me to leave. It's been six months that I have not seen my children. I know I have behaved terribly and just need one more chance. When we lose something only then we realise the importance of it in our lives. I miss her and my children terribly and want my family back."

Ok, so this is the twist. This guy is buried under his miseries. Vikrant smiled and finished his coffee. He was feeling relieved that at least Krittika is not involved in all this. It is just a coincidence that she waits at the bus stop which is in front of this man's house and his wife also works in the same tower.

"Now some truth from our side. We are not from the police. The reason we brought you here is that; my girlfriend boards the bus from the model colony bus stop and works at Tower 26. She saw you every day staring and following her to Tower 26, and we thought you are a stalker. Thank you for cooperating with us. I can not comment on your personal matter and will pray that things work out for you. I can only tell you one thing; wives can tolerate poverty, bad times everything but not infidelity. You have screwed up things and see how you can mend it up.You can go now. If you do not mind, can you drop us all at Tower 26? I need to give the good news to my girlfriend that you are not a stalker."

People around us have their share of tragedies which we are not even aware of. It is better to be thankful for what we have and appreciate the small things.

With a light head and heart, Vikrant called up Krittika.

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