Those Eyes

She boarded the lift and shrunk within herself. She brought her handbag closer to her chest as if it was some shield. Drops of sweat were visible, and she did not have any clue that people were staring at her. Have you ever seen anybody sweating when the outside temperature is 5 degrees? Any reasonable person will think of you as a weirdo. She wanted to scream " Stop looking at me. I have not come from an asylum. I am just coming from my home and would like to reach the office and my home safely" She was checking the floor number continuously. Finally, the lift hit the seventh floor, and out she rushed like a mad girl clutching her bags. She dumped the bags in her cubicle and proceeded towards the washroom. She went to one of the loo and relieved herself. She closed her eyes and sighed. The penetrating bloodshot eyes were still staring at her. She got startled and got up from the commode. In this haste, she spoiled her trousers. She flushed and came outside. She was almost in tears and started splashing water on her face furiously. After a while, tears started tasting like the cold water. As if the incidents from the morning were not sufficient to keep her on toes, she felt the warmth of a hand on her shoulder.

"Are you OK Krittika?"

Krittika turned with a start and splashed the person with some water. While Krittika was wiping the water from her face, she heard an angry voice

" What the hell" This was a familiar voice. It was Riddhima's.

"I will kill you Krittika for this. I had to go to a meeting and see what you have done."

"Why are you giving me a dumb look? Can't you see what have you done?"

Krittika took some time to come in a normal composure and meekly said " Sorry yaar."

Riddhima did not expect this answer from a fiery Krittika.

To ease up the situation, she said " By the way, if you have not noticed, you have soiled your trousers. What on earth were you doing in the loo? Trying to climb the commode." Krittika gave a hard look at her pants, and they were indeed dirty. The water was peeping out from all the wrong places. She sighed and was contemplating if the washroom dryer could help her. She told Riddhima if she can be her watchdog for a while and lock the door from inside. She will try this idea and move out of the washroom in a decent shape. Riddhima agreed. Krittika warned her not to look back and removed her trouser. She placed the trouser below the dryer with a hope that it will dry. There was a mirror behind Krittika, and the wall of the dryer was reflecting her back. For a moment it seemed that those eyes got fixed on her back projection. It seemed scary, and she tried to look carefully so that at least in the reflection she could emerge as a winner. She dropped the gaze after a while. She got defeated once again. Riddhima's voice brought her back to the reality.

"Hello, madam. Are you also taking a dry bath? Hurry up, move your ass. I am getting late."

The trousers were much better, and Krittika said thanks to Riddhima. "I will speak to you later Rids" and Krittika went to her desk. The eyes were mocking at her from the screen as well.

"I am a winner today as well. Enjoy your day and I will see you tomorrow"*

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