Riddhima stayed with Krittika the other night. Krittika made an excuse to her parents that because of too much stress at work she has decided to take a day off from the office and rest at home. She did not tell her mother that she had fainted in the office else they would get more worried. They were happy to see her best friend and felt assured that their daughter is still sane and friends with her old pals. Krittika's mother prepared food for them, she kissed her daughter and left the two girls in the room.

Riddhima's mind was racing, and they have to make a plan to sort this out and get Krittika out of this rut. She did not start drafting the plan before yelling and giving Krittika a piece of her mind. A best friend has every right to be angry when her friend hides things. Krittika did not interrupt her and let her vent out all. She did apologise to Riddhima. After the anger, tears and hugs, they pulled a pen and paper to draft their master plan.

" Riddhima will stay with Krittika for a week and accompany her to the office."

"Riddhima will click pictures of the stalker."

"First day: Riddhima will only accompany Krittika. No action will be performed. Second Day: His picture will be clicked."

"Further steps to be decided by stalker's actions."

This was quick. The girls were wondering if they did a good job or not. Now they were waiting for the morning to ascend. Riddhima was quite excited to don the detective hat and was trying to make the situation light. Krittika's parents did not have any clue of what these girls were up to. They were just happy that their daughter was ok now. You can not keep on prodding a 28-year-old every now and then and need to trust their mature angle.

Day One: Riddhima and Krittika are both waiting for the bus to arrive. Krittika nudged Riddhima and secretly pointed out on who the stalker is. Riddhima gave her a sharp look, but his eyes were fixed on Krittika. The bus came, and they boarded it. There was no change in stalker's routine. He was present near their office tower when they were getting off the bus.

Day Two: While waiting for the bus, Riddhima pulled out her phone and clicked a couple of pictures. She had to do it discreetly in order not to attract attention from other passer-by and people who were standing near the stalker. She made sure that the stalker sees that she is clicking the picture.

End of Day two: Riddhima and Krittika were sitting in their room and looking at each other blankly. Nothing happened. He did not do anything. No action from his side and now they were confused what to do next. Krittika hid her head in the pillow and was crying silently. Riddhima tried to console her and was praying that God should send some flash of an idea by which this situation is sorted out, and her friend is spared from this agony.

They both felt that they were getting swallowed by the dark chasm of fear.

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