Runaway Girl

Riddhima had to return to her place now. Her folks were getting into a panic mode as what was happening and what are girls planning. Parents have a fixed way of interpretation. If their girls are not speaking, they are not in their usual self or staying with their girlfriends for a reasonable time. The conclusion is: a guy is involved, and parents might go to an extent thinking that their girl is pregnant.

Krittika was on her own now, though Riddhima assured her that they spend most of the time together in the office, and they will sort this out. Krittika had to get her wits together, as a jerk is not accepted in the corporate world. She was listening to inspirational music and had opted to give a blind eye to the stalker. She reached office today and was happy that she was not feeling nausea, no urges to go to the washroom every minute. The work day will be starting with the team meeting. It was almost time to rush to the conference room. Her team members asked Krittika on how she was feeling. She nodded with a smile and Riddhima pressed her hand in assurance.

The boss came and seemed in a hurry.

" Sorry, guys for calling this unplanned meeting. It's an urgent situation. One of our most important account, NeoDigital, wants one person to be based at their Mumbai office for one month. Who would like to pick this up? A Quick decision needs to be made. The person needs to leave tomorrow for Mumbai."

Within a flash of the second, Krittika's hand went up.

" Meeting adjourned. Thanks, Krittika. Come to my cabin at 12 pm and I will give all the details "

"Atta girl. Go for it and come back rejuvenated" Riddhima said.

When Krittika returned to her desk, she saw five missed calls from her mother and two messages on reminding her to eat the supplements which she had packed for her. She called her up and assured that she ate everything on time and felt much better. Her entire day was spent in taking all the details, making travel arrangements and arranging for things. Life seemed better as she did not have a minute to think about anything else. In the ocean of work, a stalker got drowned like a small unimportant leaf.

She was boarding the flight and was thinking if the stalker will try to find her. These thoughts were brushed off, and she called up her mother.

" Mum, I will be boarding soon. Do remind Papa to apply for leave for one week. It will be good to visit all after a long time. I will also call Massi in the evening. Don't worry too much. Take care. I love you."

She switched off the phone and mind too from the " worldly " things. She wanted to give her best in the upcoming one month and forget the torturous two weeks of her life.

Krittika dived deep in the action the moment she landed at NeoDigital's office. They had arranged for her accommodation in the nearby hotel so that time does not get wasted in commute. They booked a suite for her! She was working almost round the clock. Her boss did nudge her to take it easy and look after her health as he did not want, that any unpleasant situation should occur at client's office. Though the feedback which he got from ND's team was that she was always high on energy and looked incredibly fresh ( after sleeping for only 6 hours ) She barely went out and was only found in the office or her suite. Stalker thoughts used to haunt her as ultimately she had to go back. She used to park those thoughts outside her workstation and then hide under her work shroud.

Time flies and when you are enjoying it, a month seems like a minute. Krittika's boss flew down for the review meeting and to ensure that NeoDigital's requirements were met. With the kind of efforts which Krittika had put, NeoDigital team was on cloud nine and for all their future assignments they only wanted her! Krittika's boss was very pleased, and the review meeting ended on a positive note. Krittika had planned to extend her stay in Mumbai to spend time with her cousins. Her parents had already reached. Her one week leave was sanctioned then and there. This break was good. But the stalker's image was buried deep in her subconscious. She had performed all the rituals and bid him a final goodbye, but he kept on rising like a phoenix. She was departing from Mumbai to Delhi tomorrow and was dreading the morning when she will catch the bus. She wanted this dream to last.

She can not be the runaway girl throughout her life and had to return to her abode.

Surprisingly during all this fiasco, she had hardly spoken to Vikrant.

Was the chemistry and love between both of them dead?

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