The Knight in Shining Armour

Rather than feeling fresh, Krittika was all tired when she reached home. Her parents were happy though with this one week vacation. When children grow up, they have their priorities and are involved in the mad race to achieve their goals. So when children spend time with their parents, parents treat that as the precious gift and especially with daughters as they will get married and move to a new house.

Krittika's mind was caught up in an unnecessary tussle: " Why one month has to come to an end? Can't I stay in Mumbai forever? Can somebody abduct the stalker and so on."

They reached home around 9.00 pm, and she was supposed to be at work tomorrow. She kissed her parent's goodnight and went to her room. She was not in a mood to change and dropped herself on the bed. Sleep goddess made sure that she goes into a slumber soon.

"Who on earth is playing the rise up in the middle of the night?" Krittika was about to shout. She moved her body to look for her phone and was almost on the verge of dropping it as it was her phone which was spitting rise up song. She forgot to keep her phone on silent. With half open eyes, she looked at her phone, and it was not an alarm, but a phone call. The hello sounded like as if it was coming from a crow's throat. She thought she heard Riddhima. Why is she calling in the middle of the night?

"What do you want Riddhima ?"

"Open the door you lunatic."

"Which door should I open ?"

"The door of your house or if you want I can ring the bell thrice and uncle and aunty can open the door for me."

"Whaaaatttttttttt? Are you here? Wait, hang on, don't ring the bell."

"Yes, I won't. So better move your bum and open the door."

Krittika jumped out of the bed and tried to rush to the door silently. She switched the light on and peeped through the keyhole. Yes, It was Riddhima. Krittika opened the door quietly. Riddhima entered immediately and swirled Krittika. Riddhima put her hand on Krittika's eyes and instructed her not to look back and move quietly to her room. Krittika could sense that there were few more people around.

"What are you doing moron? Make sure that the door is locked and since when did you don the hat of a stalker."

Riddhima ignored her and firmed up her hand on her eyes to make sure that she can not see. She quietly whispered to the gang who were with her "Have you guys locked the door?" The reply came from a hushed male voice," Yes, it's closed."

"Let's move to her room."

They all marched to her room quietly so as not to wake up her parents. When all were in, the door was latched.

"Riddhima who all are there? And what are you all doing at this time? And remove your hand, I can not see anything. It's hurting."

Suddenly Krittika felt that someone is hugging her, and simultaneously Riddhima removed her hand. The musk fragrance was familiar, and her arms automatically wrapped that figure. She could hear the breathing sound and then heard Vikrant's voice," Happy Birthday Darling."

She melted in the hug and hid her head. Her eyes refused to open, and it felt like ages that they have not met. Vikrant pushed her back gently when he felt the tears on his shirt.

"Now I know why Riddhima calls you lunatic et al. Instead of a kiss, I am greeted with this salty water." Everybody started giggling and sang the birthday song in a hush-hush manner. Krittika was wiping her tears and gave a big hug to Riddhima.

"Thank you stupid and to all you insomniacs as well."

Vikrant was looking at her lovingly and came closer to her. All her friends circled them.

"You did not even remember that it's your birthday. I hate you for what you have done with me. I hate you for keeping secrets from me. I hate you for loving Riddhima more and sharing minutest details with her. But still, I would like to marry Krittika, the moron lunatic. Let's get together and beat the stalker black and blue. And to emerge as a winner, I will present you with a magical ring which will bestow supernatural powers. Give me your hand old lady."

Everybody clapped silently. Krittika graciously offered her hand, and Vikrant slipped the ring on her finger. Riddhima opened the box of chocolates, and the newly engaged couples performed the sweet ritual. Riddhima had to become the villain and nudged Vikrant that they had to leave. He signalled her, and all moved slowly out of the room. They were alone in the room.

"I am sorry Vikrant. I was, rather, I am, too scared. I do not know what to do."

"Krittika I never gave you any reason to question my love. I am there for you, and we will fight this. Tomorrow morning I will come and pick you up."

He gave her a long warm kiss and softly said: "Got to go."

Krittika bid goodbye to all. Riddhima stayed. She was roaming with these guys entire evening and had already told her parents that she would stay at Krittika's place. Best friends gave a tight hug to each other.

Krittika's knight in shining armour has already planned the rescue operation.

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