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Vikrant wanted to end this stalker story soon. It was getting on his nerves. There was more to this situation which he was not able to understand. He had to unearth the secrets, The plan was he will accompany Krittika till the bus stop, wait with her till her bus comes and then keep a watch on the stalkers activity.

The day preceding Kritikka's birthday looked beautiful. Krittika appeared to be calm and at peace with herself. Now with Vikrant around she was sure, he will handle this situation, and they will live happily ever after. Krittika left for office. They were not able to talk much as Vikrant's eyes were fixed on the stalker. Vikrant started feeling that though his gaze is on Krittika, he is looking far beyond. The bus came, and Krittika left for the office. Vikrant crossed the road and stood at a comfortable distance from the man in order not to make him vigilant. Krittika has left, why this guy is still staring. And where he is looking?

There was an apartment behind the bus stop. Just above the roof of the bus stop, there were several overseeing balconies. Vikrant's eyes were switching places. He was trying to identify where the stalker was looking at. He came a little closer to the stalker to study his body movements. Vikrant noticed that the stalker's body loosened up a little. But what prompted that change. He tried to follow stalker's gaze, and he saw that the stalker was looking at one of the balconies of the apartment which was behind the bus stop. In that balcony, there were two children, and they were playing beside an old lady. Was he looking at those kids? Vikrant got confused. A car stopped at the stand, and the man boarded the car. It was not a taxi but a private car. He made a note of the number and also looked at the time. By the gait of the man, he appeared to be a working professional.

Next day, Vikrant was well prepared. He had asked his friend to be ready with his bike. The option of following him via bike was better as it can cruise anywhere. Chasing a car with a car and that too during morning office hours and in Delhi traffic was a real bad option. The Same routine was followed, and Vikrant noticed that the same car came to pick him up. He followed him. Traffic supported them, and they did not loose him. The car was about to halt and reached opposite to Krittika's office and at the same time when her bus arrived. The stalker was still there long after Krittika had left. His moves were confusing Vikrant and creating a spider web.

Suddenly Vikrant noticed a change in the stalker's demeanour. A car stopped, and a lady came out of it. She must be in her late 30's. The car went off, and the woman started walking in the stalker's directions. Vikrant quickly instructed his friend that he will follow the lady and Vikrant will keep an eye on the stalker. The woman and the man exchanged few words. And by the sound of it, it seemed that the lady was angry. The next scene was intriguing for Vikrant. The stalker was seen folding his hands as if asking for forgiveness. The woman furiously nodded her head in disagreement and walked off. The man hid his head in his palms and seemed that he was sobbing. Vikrant was tempted to go and ask the stalker what exactly is going on and how Krittika is related to all this. The man left in the car, and Vikrant was keeping an eye on him. Meanwhile, his friend returned. He had some interesting tidbits to share. When he was following the lady in question, she had called up somebody, and this was the conversation,

" I still do not understand why he is chasing up for the past one month. I have told him umpteen times that I will not forgive him, but he does not understand. I fear for my children. Though his mother stays with me, I hope he does not use her as the bait. I should better leave this city asap."

Inside the tower, it was a restricted area and only people who work there are allowed, Vikrant's friend could not go inside and returned.

Vikrant and his friend needed coffee after this cat and mouse chase. They went to a nearby cafe and ordered strong coffee with sandwiches. He asked for a pen and paper.

"Apparently it seems that the stalker is not following Krittika and his point of interest is some house behind the bus stop. Coincidentally the lady also works in the same tower as of Krittika's. So now we need to make sure that our finding is correct."

Next step: Vikrant will contact his detective friend who will don the character of a policeman. They will take the man to a secluded area and make him reveal his real motive.

The homework completed, and it will be show time tomorrow.

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